About Chris Rettstatt


I’m a published children’s book author with 10+ years as a specialist in youth-focused virtual community.


  • Experience developing transmedia entertainment properties for kids and teens
  • Expertise in online privacy and safety laws and best practices
  • Understanding of and passion for the possibilities of technology to entertain, educate, and engage children
  • Experience building and managing teams as large as 30, including designers, editors, web developers, and online community staff
  • Extensive familiarity with social media as a user and as a strategist

Things I do:

  • Created an epic fantasy property called Kaimira, which has a five-book deal with Candlewick Press and Walker Books as well as a “360-degree development deal” with BBC Worldwide
  • Developed MMOG story bibles for a Toronto-based nonprofit
  • Contributed a chapter on kids and digital ownership for the book Settlers of the New Virtual Worlds
  • Developed online safety curricula for schoolteachers
  • Presented on the subject of kids online at conferences such as the Virtual Communities Conference in London
  • Hired, trained, and lead a team of chat room monitors for a top kids online community
  • Performed online community consulting for Fox Kids Online
  • Served as editor for the Online Directory Project
  • Performed online privacy (COPPA) consulting for Back Yard Jungle, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Worked as Director for a summer computer camp for kids
  • Served as Managing Director, Interactive for a branch of Thomson Corporation
  • Published articles on the subject of safe online communities for kids
  • Served as a judge for the digital communities category in the Prix Ars prize
  • Served as a judge in the Fantasy / Science Fiction category for the 2007 Cybils award


creation of and early-stage development of transmedia entertainment properties; using the internet to extend storytelling and brand; creating entertainment properties with strong online and gaming tie-ins; expertise in legal, safety, and privacy issues concerning youth-oriented online strategies



  1. Anonymous said,

    18 August 2008 at 9:33 pm

    where did the inspiration for “kaimira” come from

  2. Sylvia Clark said,

    27 December 2009 at 4:42 am

    I met you and your lovely family at Weffei’s on Christmas night. I am the lady with the Peace Corps in Chongqing Education College. I looked up your name on Google, and what a wonderful surprise. You are just what my school needs. Happy New Year!!!
    Take Care,
    Sylvia Clark

  3. James said,

    2 February 2010 at 3:13 pm

    I recently finished reading The Sky Village, and it’s flippin brilliant! I love the idea of the demon fights and the Tree Book (and I love China, so that’s one thing we have in common). Keep up the good (understatement alert) work!

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